Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Little on the Trashy Side

Do you take the trash out to the curb once a week?  Do you have several bathrooms, bedrooms, a kitchen and a garage all with their very own trash cans?  Do you purchase rolls of trash bags from local fund raisers faster than you use them?  Well, me too.

I used to have an inconvenient method for storing these rolls of bags no good way to dispense them.  Well no more.  One Saturday afternoon I was puttering around the garage trying to see what I could organize better and I decided to solve the trash bag puzzle.

With a 6 gallon oversize milk crate and a few short wooden dowels (pipe, re-bar or conduit would work also) I was able to build a nice little dispenser for my rolls of trash bags.  The 2 rolls I use often in the front, and the other 3 in the back where it's still easy to reach through and pull the loose end out when you need one.

This contraption can easily sit on it's side on any garage shelf.  It's not fancy, but neither is your trash.

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