Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bathroom Etiquette

I finally cleaned out the medicine cabinet and associated drawers in the bathroom.  There were plenty of things that needed to go out - I'm talking about stuff that you wouldn't even consider using anymore.  Old, very old, and even empty boxes, bottles and various containers.
I started by taking all of the stuff out and setting it on the counter, then here are some steps you can follow next.
  1. Set aside items you used this morning or will use tonight (or any of their refills)
  2. Pull out the tools & implements - brushes, razors, etc.
  3. Separate by IN or ON (does it go IN my body or ON my body)
  4. Separate by usage: skin / hair / teeth / eyes / cosmetics
  5. Anything with an expiration date needs to be examined
  6. I don't know if shampoo expires, so just try it out on the strands of hair that you are willing to sacrifice
  7. Ask yourself questions like...
    1. "Will I ever use this massage oil from that freaky girl in college?"
    2. "Do I need 13 new replacement toothbrushes?"
    3. "How long ago was Pert Plus popular?"
  8. Remember: When in doubt, throw it out.
I actually found 2 Rolaids on one of those foil-backed cards that was dated 10/88.  That's 1988 for those of you can't remember back that far - it gave me a stomach ache just looking at it.

Tips to keep it ship-shape
  • Use up what you have before you buy more - apply that to everything from lotions to lubricants
  • Next time you need to clean out that crack between the stove & the counter, go grab one of those toothbrushes - or better yet, use your daily one and get out a new one for your teeth.
  • You can still steal those travel-size items from hotels, but donate them to the troops or to a shelter