What's This About?

I'm glad you asked.  I have spent the past 10 years or so turning homeowner into hoard-owner by collecting, buying, and storing a whole lot more stuff than I need.

I'm attempting to undergo a process where I'll reduce my clutter, organize, toss out stuff I no longer need, consolidate, and make wise decisions about new purchases.  Along the way I plan to share some of my successes and failures here for you to read, learn from, and laugh at.

Here is my general situation so you know where I started:
I live in the suburbs of a big city in a house that I own with my wife and our daughter.  I have a yard I'm trying to maintain, two cars we drive, and plenty of local friends & family that we socialize with.  We have thousands of possessions from gadgets to decorations to clothes to keepsakes.

Our daughter is almost two years old and the recent (and growing) addition of toys has highlighted that fact that we have a house full of things and less room that we need for the things that we like.  Hopefully paring down some of these items and reducing our intake will make more room for our family and more time for each other.

What this blog is:
My accountability
My suggestions & ideas

What this blog isn't:
A spiritual journey
An attempt at finding inner peace
A challenge to you to follow suit